My Last Dance.

A muse to what my ideal last job would look like.

I would like to approach my next job with longevity in mind, and as a result I would like to outline what would be important for me in making that decision. To help me focus on what's important, I have decided to approach this as my last job.

The short list goes as follows.

Psychological Safety.

Borne of I belong here, so I can be me - without holding back. Nothing is as liberating as being able to express yourself without fear of prejudice. A workplace culture that embraces individuality while also promoting inclusivity and unity within the organization, is at the top of my list. A safe place. Such a culture aligns with my personal core value of TRUST.

I have facilitated the building of teams that foster psychological safety, and from that experience, I have however noticed that it's not enough for a few teams to have psychological safety while the organizational culture does not value psychological safety. For psychological safety to be a competitive advantage it needs to be baked into the DNA of the organization.

And that is what I am looking for; an organization that understands the value of psychological safety and goes out of it's way to foster it, actively addressing behaviors that hurt psychological safety.

Vision & Strategy Congruence.

Vision being the long-term near impossible goal worth pursuing, and strategy being an intentional plan of how to bring the vision to life.

Without a clear vision, organizations can lose focus and struggle to make long-term plans. If the vision is weak, it often leads to unclear strategies, and the organization may end up chasing superficial goals like profit instead of staying true to its main objectives.

In essence, vision and strategy congruence ensures that the organization's direction, goals, and actions are all aligned towards realizing its overarching vision for the future.

When vision and strategy are in alignment, it leads to a shared purpose that drives people and teams. That is what I am looking for. An organization driven by shared purpose.

Career Growth.

The question, "Will this job pave me a career path that leads me to being the person who formulates the Technical Strategy?", will be on my mind when I think of my next job.

I am at a stage in my career where I am able to see the forest through the trees, and I naturally would like to shift my focus from executing to formulating Technical Strategies.

Since 2016, I have contributed towards Technical Leadership through the use of my technical expertise. I have picked up skills around Team Collaboration, Coaching & Mentoring, Communication, Problem Solving, Decision Making and Systems Thinking. I believe this is the right foundation for me to start thinking of a more Senior Technical Leadership role that focuses on formulating strategy.

So, I want my next role to take me closer to my aspirations of being responsible for coming up with a Technical Strategy.


In summary, I would like to join an organization that has a culture that matches my being, my talents, and my desire to make an impact. An organization with a vision I believe in, that is backed by a well-thought out strategy.

If ever I find myself making a choice for my next job, I hope the above criteria will provide me clarity on how to make the decision.