Start with a YES.


Start with a YES.

As an enabler for innovation.

Starting with a YES, makes change approachable. It enables critical thinking and purposeful change.

Starting with a YES, does not mean every idea on the table is good. It however encourages ideas to come forth. Starting with a YES, can be a gateway to psychological safety.

Starting with a YES, followed by the "simplest thing that could possibly work" brings the yes to life, and helps with getting things done. Doing starts with a commitment. A commitment starts with a YES. Getting things done, boosts confidence.

Starting with a YES, results in a mindset shift from gatekeeping to innovation.

Avoids boredom. Staleness. Outdatedness. Obsolete.

Starting with a YES, ensures people stay up to date with the latest developments.

It's hard to learn if you already know. Be curious about what others bring.

Start with a YES.